What is a sole proprietorship?

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

What is a sole proprietorship? The question manages to become one of the most curious topics. It is necessary to answer this question, especially for those who are doing research on company types or who want to establish a sole proprietorship. What is your sole proprietorship? If you are looking for an answer to your question, you can take a quick look at the detailed information.

Sole proprietorship; They are enterprises with unlimited liability and legal personality of the partners. Partnership transfer is very difficult in sole proprietorships established on partnership basis as well as by one person. Because all of the company partners must give approval for the transfer. In this respect, it can be said that sole proprietorship companies are generally ideal for small businesses.

What is Required to Establish a Sole Proprietorship?

Although starting a company may seem like a big job socially, it is actually quite simple to set up a sole proprietorship. For this reason, it takes a very short time to establish a sole proprietorship by taking the right steps. So, what does it take to set up a sole proprietorship?

  • Financial Advisor,
  • Photocopy of Deed or Lease Contract
  • Identity Card Copy
  • passport photo
  • Signature statement
  • Place of residence
  • Vehicle License

Individuals who bring the above documents together apply for sole proprietorship establishment. Although the financial advisor follows the application process, it is seen that the financial advisor does not fulfill his responsibilities in many cases. In such cases, individuals may need to make special efforts to establish a sole proprietorship.

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What is Sole Proprietorship Cost?

By establishing a sole proprietorship, it is possible to pay taxes and document your income every year. However, you need to act by knowing some of the amounts you will pay at the beginning and on a regular basis. We have listed the starting costs and the amounts you will face as regular expenses for you below!

  • Notary Power of Attorney for Accountant: 148 TL
  • Signature Declaration: 100 TL
  • Tax Office Contract Stamp Duty: 52 TL

In addition to the above expenses, you will have an average of 600 TL expenses with some other items you need to pay. Of course, the amount in question is for the initial stage only. Considering the amounts that must be paid at regular intervals, the following amounts attract attention.

  • VAT Declaration Stamp Duty: 64.10 TL (Every Month)
  • Stamp Duty for Provisional Tax Return: 97.20 TL (1 in 3 Months)
  • Income Tax Return Stamp Duty: 133 TL (Once a Year)

When all these expenses are considered, the annual expenses of the sole proprietorship are 1291 TL. In addition to these costs, there will be premium payments for individual companies that will invest in Bağ-Kur and employ workers. Moreover, these prices are valid for 2021 and increase every year within the framework of regulations.

How to Open a Sole Proprietorship?

What is a sole proprietorship? How to open a sole proprietorship after answering the question? It is necessary to speed up the process of becoming a taxpayer by answering the question. At this point, it would be healthy to proceed step by step.

After the necessary documents are prepared, you must apply to the Tax Office you are affiliated with, register your company and obtain a Tax Account Number. You can do these processes via e-government or you can go to the tax office in person. After the books are received and approved, an attendance report is drawn up. In the report arrangement, the tax officer comes to your workplace and makes checks.

After this stage of the establishment of a sole proprietorship, it varies depending on the companies. Because while some businesses make room registrations, this condition is not required for others. For this reason, it is important to learn from the accountant whether a room registration will be made or not.

What Taxes Do Sole Proprietorships Pay?

Establishing a sole proprietorship also means being a taxpayer. In this context, sole proprietorships are subject to the following taxes.

  • Stamp duty
  • Withholding tax
  • VAT
  • Temporary tax
  • Income tax

Company establishment and tax payment processes will be quite challenging for those who have not done these procedures before. For this reason, you can reach fast solutions in the process of incorporation of a sole proprietorship with Taxpayer, which is a platform that provides you convenience.

So, what does Mükellef offer you?

It helps you in company establishment, tax follow-up and e-transformation processes. By providing payment integration, it allows your customers to pay by credit card. It also opens the door to continuous monitoring opportunities with its mobile and desktop solutions.

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