Shopify vs Etsy

Etsy sellers made over $10 billion in sales in 2020. No bad. But Shopify merchants made $119 billion in sales that same year. So why do small or large brands choose Shopify?
Let's take a look at the advantages of having your own brand website with Shopify compared to selling on ETSY👇🏼

shopify vs etsy

Manage Your Own Marketing

If you cannot make a sale from the ad you place on ETSY, the money you spend on the ad will be wasted. However, even if there are no sales on Shopify, it will return as an investment in your own brand.

You cannot have the data of the ads you place on ETSY. For this reason , you cannot make very profitable remarketing ads to those who visit your store and give up selling at the last minute.

Shopify gives you more control over marketing because you own your website. With the ads you place, you have your own advertising data and invest in your own brand.

Shopify vs etsy

Less Competition

When a customer browses a search term on Etsy, your product gets mixed in with hundreds of competing products, making it difficult to compete and stand out. On Shopify, you can market your business on any social platform, advertising platform, email list, and more, without direct competitors around your brand.

shopify vs etsy

Highlight Your Brand

On Etsy, you promote your products, not your brand. Shopify allows you to promote both your business and products to help you build a successful brand. Shopify is designed for small, medium and large e-commerce businesses.

Why do Turkish sellers prefer ETSY when Shopify is so advantageous?

The biggest disadvantage of Turkish sellers is that they cannot access various payment methods (such as PayPal, Stripe) without establishing a company abroad. For this reason, they are hesitant to set up their own site on Shopify.

✅Solution: Directing customers to the ETSY page with the "Buy on Etsy" button on the product page in Shopify.
In this way, sellers can experience Shopify and their own advertising marketing without worrying about receiving any payment. They are starting to invest in their own brands.
Sellers who control their sales and store traffic can then easily open a company abroad and completely migrate from ETSY to Shopify by integrating payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe into Shopify.

How does it work?

1) Copy and paste your Etsy product link to the relevant place on your Shopify product page.
2) The "Buy on Etsy" button will automatically appear on that product's page.

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Buy on Etsy button theme

Buy on Etsy button theme

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