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Shopify Website Editing Service/Consulting

Shopify Website Editing Service/Consulting

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Services are provided under the following headings. Please contact us here with the details of the service you want.

  1. Customized Design: We can provide a stylish and professional looking Shopify website design.
  2. Responsive Design: With a mobile-friendly and user-friendly design, we can make your website look perfect on any device.
  3. Product and Category Management: We can make arrangements to enable you to manage your products and categories effectively.
  4. Visual Enhancements: We can edit, resize and optimize your product photos for a professional look.
  5. Speed ​​and Performance Optimization: By increasing the speed of your website, we can improve the user experience and increase your conversion rates.
  6. SEO Support: By making the necessary arrangements for search engine optimization, we can ensure that your website attracts more traffic organically.
  7. Payment Integration: We can integrate various payment methods into your Shopify store and enable users to checkout seamlessly.
  8. Logistics Integration: We can make it easier to manage your orders by integrating with cargo and logistics companies.
  9. Communication and Customer Service Integration: We can integrate communication channels such as live chat, email newsletters and customer service tools into your website.
  10. Social Media Integration: We can connect your social media profiles to your website and enable your customers to follow you easily.
  11. Analytics and Reporting: We can set up analytical tools to monitor your website performance and provide you with regular reports.
  12. Blog Integration: By adding a blog section, we can support your content marketing strategy and increase your brand awareness.
  13. Email Marketing Integration: We can integrate email marketing tools into your Shopify store to increase engagement with your customers.
  14. Security and SSL: We can provide SSL certificate installation for the security of your website.
  15. Training and Support: We can provide you with training and advice on using Shopify so you can manage your website more effectively.
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